Real Estate

Whether you are buying a home in New York, a vacation home out of the area, or a building in Manhattan, Sayegh Law is here for you. Our real estate department works closely together and keeps our clients informed throughout the process. There will always be someone available who is familiar with your case and can answer or research your question. Our job is to make the real estate transaction smooth and efficient and that is what we strive to achieve.

Many homeowners are burdened with high interest rate adjustable mortgages, negative amortization mortgages, interest only mortgages and high interest fixed rate mortgages. No one is immune from life's financial difficulties especially when presented with circumstances beyond our control, such as job loss or layoffs, illness, increased living expenses, death and other major life issues. Experienced in negotiations, our attorneys may be able to help you by negotiating on your behalf with your mortgage lender for a modification of your mortgage in order to make the payments more affordable to you. Unlike a mortgage refinance, bad credit or a lack of equity in the home do not necessarily stand in the way of more affordable monthly payments. We conduct a thorough review of your finances and we examine and present the various alternatives that may be available to you so that you can keep your home and avoid foreclosure.

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