Bankruptcy Law

Many people today are faced with job loss, foreclosure and increased credit card debt.  A successful Bankruptcy proceeding provides an opportunity to begin a new financial life.  You should know that as a part of our process, we conduct a thorough review and examination of your finances. A Sayegh Law Bankruptcy attorney might even be able to provide you with an alternative to Bankruptcy.

Depending upon your circumstances, a Sayegh Law Bankruptcy attorney might develop a custom plan for you that allows you to resolve your debts through either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy code or perhaps without a Bankruptcy filing at all. The Firm understands that your decision, whether or not to file for Bankruptcy protection, can be a difficult decision and is often a last option. It is our belief that each client should be aware of possible alternatives so they can determine which course of action is best for their particular situation.

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